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How does this all work?

Whether new to the neighborhood or home upkeep, we try to make this process as easy as possible for our customers.

Take a look at the steps below


Step One

Identify your problem, and let us know what you're dealing with. You can view our services and pricing on this site. Contact us in one of two ways, you either e-mail us or call us. For e-mails, we typically respond within 24 hours; with calling, 24-48 hours. Include your address and preferred contact method in the request. Please specify if dogs or gated entries are present.  

Link to contact page below.



Step Two

You will be contacted by us to verify the information provided. We will then come by in person to give the actual estimate on the requested services. The estimate will be left on your door if no one is home. Once you receive the estimate, just let us know which services you would like us to proceed with.


Step Three

We will then contact you again to set up the date for the services requested.  


Step Four

When the requested services are completed, pay upon completion with a check, PayPal or cash, or simply send a check to the address of the business. We do not accept credit cards.


That's it, you're done! 

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